Ten on Ten June

by Sarah on 10 June, 2014

Here’s my installment for Ten on Ten June (Read more about the project by Rebekah Gough on her blog.)

Summer is really and truly here, but the only real difference it’s making for me is that it’s hot and crowded! My kids don’t go to school, so I don’t really have that “summer break” vibe going on. For me, I’m actually trying to get my son involved in more activities as he approaches 3.5 years old later this summer.

We have a little weekly schedule and Tuesday is library day. Man, I loved the library growing up. The endless rows of books. The reverential hush. The taking home of books without paying a dime. We have several great libraries here in Durham County and I love the story time we go to. The librarian is fun and energetic!

After story time, we stayed home and all afternoon. My house was a bit of wreck after several days in a row of being busy so I attempted the impossible: cleaning with children at play. Is it like shoveling snow during a blizzard? Probably. I’ve never been in a blizzard, though. Yet. Maybe. (Yikes.)

In other news, my baby girl started walking. I tried in vain to capture her for my set, but she was too interested in grabbing the camera. She’s still just taking a few wobbly steps and then crashing. Where will those feet carry her, I wonder?

01 - Ten on Ten June - Morning Play

02 - Ten on Ten June - Blueberries

03 - Ten on Ten June - Watercolor

04 - Ten on Ten June - Storytime

05 - Ten on Ten June - Library

06 - Ten on Ten June - Straws

07 - Ten on Ten June - Give me that camera

08 - Ten on Ten June - Chocolate

09 - Ten on Ten June - Wreck

10 - Ten on Ten June - Mama Time

How are you spending your summer so far? 



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