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Diaper Stash

Diaper Stash
As you may remember, I’m expecting my second baby this July–a girl– and I’ve started going over my diaper stash in preparation. Since we are gearing up for the Great Cloth Diaper Change next weekend, I thought this would be the perfect week to talk about diapers. Although, let’s be honest, I really don’t need any excuse!

My son was born in 2011, which was before Sweetbottoms the local shop opened. I knew people who cloth diapered and there were some local shops near me that carried a few brands. I did most of my research online and cobbled together a newborn stash of Prefolds and covers. I have 18 Preemie-sized and 24 Infant-sized Prefolds. The smaller ones fit perfectly for the first few days, depending on the size of your little one. My son weighed in at 7 lbs and never lost weight so I think the Preemie size fit with a Snappi for like 10 days. However, they are useful as doublers and I actually still use them for that now. The Infant size fit him with a Snappi for about 6 months. After that, I still used them but just tri-folded into a cover. In case you ever wondered, this is what a Prefold looks like after it’s been used and washed more than 100 times!

Diaper Stash- Prefolds with Snappi

So I’m definitely good on the Prefold front, but I do need a new Snappi. And now they have colors… oh the decisions! For covers, I actually first got a few second-hand because I wasn’t sure if I would really be okay doing cloth and didn’t want to make a huge investment. We mostly used Thirsties size x-small covers from the start. I also liked the Bummis Super Brite and used the size small and eventually medium. And yes, that’s all Velcro/Aplix/Hook&Loop closures I used. Honestly I can’t remember when I got my first snap diaper. I found it to be just fine, though. It’s nice and fast for upset babies their sleepy Mamas.

Diaper Stash- Thirsties Covers

Diaper Stash- Bummis Super Brite

Here’s a shot of my little guy with a Thirsties Duo Wrap in a size 2. This photo was taken when he was about three months old. Oh how time flies!

Diaper Stash- Thirsties DuoWrap

For Baby Girl, I decided to try some of the Rumparooz newborn covers this time. I just adore these prints! I also want the Kangaroo one. I have had a crush on the GroVia Peacocks Shell since it came out last year. Now I have a little girl to snap it on! I’ll probably re-use the Thirsties and Bummis covers, too.

Diaper Stash- Rumparooz and GroVia

It wasn’t until after 6 months that we started to expand our cloth diaper horizons. I tried a few Pockets and All-in-One (AIO) diapers. I like Prefolds and covers for the first few months, but would be nice to have some one-piece diapers for going out and convenience. I’ll give you a peek at my currently-used diaper stash in another post. Today was laundry day, so most of them were out of commission.

I recently got a few new newborn-sized AIOs. I love the Swaddlebees and I had to get the little GroVia owl print. (See top photo. We have the GroVia Shell in the same print so I’m planning to set up a “matching diaper” photo situation.) The Swaddlebees are great because even though they are Newborn size, they still go up to 16 lbs so they should fit for at least a couple of months if she grows similarly to her brother.

Diaper Stash- Newborn Swaddlebees

I also got a few Swaddlebees 2.0 in size medium. Personally, I prefer the side-snapping style of diaper. I like how there’s a nice flat front and the flexibility of snapping is great for babies with bigger thighs, like my son had. I snap the bottom snap looser and the top one tighter to avoid red marks and maintain tightness around the waist. This is what I’ve gotten so far, but I plan to get more in this size and maybe a few girly prints in the large.

Diaper Stash- Swaddlebees 2.0


I also got a Kawaii pocket diaper (See top photo.) because I love the print and have always wanted to try out the Minky. I’ve got my sights set on a few Charlie Banana and Apple Cheeks pockets, too. Can you tell? I like variety. My poor husband can’t keep up.

What about you? Did you increase your diaper stash for your next baby? How much did you get to re-use from previous cloth diapered babes?


Get to Know Us: The Story of Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique

New mom Beth Richardson found herself interested in cloth diapering but lacking the necessary support.  She wanted a local store where she could touch the products and get support from experienced cloth diapering moms interested in natural parenting.  She wanted community.

With a little experience under her belt she began hosting free cloth diapering seminars and Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique was born.  Beth, now a mother of two, launched her online store in January 2010. By that fall, business had grown and she was working out of her home with one employee.  By Spring 2011 business was booming, inventory was growing and her employee base was expanding.  In September 2011 Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique opened their Raleigh/Cary, NC store.

Beth juggles life with a thriving business and growing family by working from home while caring for her children and homeschooling.  The community that Beth once dreamed of is flourishing as public interest in natural parenting increases each day.  The Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique community now offers a wide selection of products for natural parenting and natural living as well as classes, lactation consulting, natural childbirth networking and social events.

We are thrilled to have YOU as part of our Sweetbottoms community. Thank you for your support!

Family photo by Fresh Poppy Photography

Feature Product – GroVia Rx Laundry Treatment

GroVia Rx Laundry Treatment

GroVia has developed a unique formulation laundry treatment to remove urine and mineral buildup from cloth diapers and other garments.  Sometimes referred to as “stripping diapers” this removal of buildup restores the natural absorbancy of all fabric including bamboo, cotton, hemp, and microfiber.

GroVia Rx has several great features. It dissolves completely in water and is H•E compliant so it is safe for all washers including high efficiency. This product was not tested on animals, and it is free of phosphate, ammonia, alcohol, and ethers.  It is fairly and conscientiously made in the U.S.A.

GroVia Diaper Rx Laundry Treatment for Cloth Diapers

  1. Insert a single pac into the washer with diapers or other laundry. Do not use additional detergent. Use a regular HOT wash and include one extra rinse.
  2. When the diapers are clean you may return to a simple wash routine and include an adequate amount detergent to clean the diapers.
  3. GroVia Rx can be used to supplement a normal wash routine every six to eight weeks. This will keep your diapers clean and free from buildup.

*If cloth diaper buildup is severe, you may need to use up to three treatments for adequate cleaning.


Check out the new GroVia shell patterns here!

GroVia® Single Shell - Hook & Loop or Snap Closure

Cloth Diapers: Breaking Down the Cost Savings

It’s no secret that raising our babies comes with a new set of expenses.  Saving money is one of many reasons why some parents choose cloth diapers over disposables.  Check out the summary below for details on the financial benefit of going cloth.

cloth diaper cost savings

Why Choose Cloth Diapers?

In the past, Cloth diapers were messy, thin, and uncomfortable for the baby. They had to be clipped with diaper pins then covered with plastic pants.

Welcome to the diaper revolution!

Diapers have been upgraded with new materials and high tech fabrics. They now have Velcro or snaps instead of pins. They fit the baby comfortably and they are waterproofed.

They are healthier for the baby!

Disposable diapers contain a toxin called Dioxin that has been proven to cause cancer, skin diseases and many other health threatening conditions. Disposable diapers also contain sodium polyacrylate which is the absorbent gel-like substance you see when the diaper gets wet. This is the same substance that was removed from tampons because it causes toxic shock syndrome. Cloth diapers are free of all these risks.

They are better for the environment!

A little factoid, 80% of the diapering done in the U.S. is disposables. That equates to 18 billion diapers a year! Think of all the materials that have to be acquired and manufactured to make all these diapers, not to mention they are filling up the landfills! The idea of a disposable diaper is false. Yes, you get rid of them personally, but our planet does not. They are with us forever.

They are cheaper!

Did you know that with every baby you will spend up to $3500 in diapers? Yes you will have to purchase, wash and dry cloth diapers. However, even with all considerations you will still save potentially half of what you would spend on disposables.

When you consider the health factors, the environment, and the financial savings how can you not consider giving them a try?