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You Can Never Have Too Many…Wet Bags!


So, my family and anyone I worked with at Sweetbottoms will tell you that I have a thing for wet bags.

But can you blame me!?

Wet bags have to be some of the handiest, most versatile items on the planet. And with 3 messy kids, multi-use items are a must!

Cloth diapering? Wet bags! (Of course.)
Going to the pool and need something to keep towels dry until they are needed? Wet bags!
Need to get wet swimsuits home without dripping water everywhere? Wet bags!

And the use doesn’t have be limited to clothes or diapers. I use my wet bags for a lot of stuff. Whenever we go on vacation, pack a large wet bag for laundry (keeps in smells), pack toiletries in a medium wet bag (perfect size for shampoo and shower gel bottles), and pack my make up in a small wet bag. The possibilities are endless!

I have used one for an essential oils carrying bag for a long time, and I even used one to carry my manual breast pump when I was having to pump for my littlest. You really can use wet bags for anything!

Good thing they are so cute! Leslie’s Boutique Wet Bags come in adorable prints!
Who can say no to Birds of Norway


Or Night Owls

Or Zoology.

Leslie’s Boutique is just one of many lines of wet bags from Sweetbottoms. They are durable, come in many sizes to fit exactly what you need, and come in so many cute prints!

Check out all the wet bags that Sweetbottoms carries here.

What did I miss? What do you use wet bags for?

Winter Baby Care


Hi! I’m back! It’s been a while. 🙂 We are just getting settled back down in my family from the new baby, holidays, and winter birthdays. 🙂

So winter is here! Finally! For a while, it didn’t seem like we ever got out of fall here in NC.

While winter is has it’s wonderful moments, let’s face it, it can be downright dull and stressful at the same time. So many things add up. Time change, shorter days, rush of the holidays, holidays over, kids cooped up inside, cold weather, sickness, and the list goes on. But there are ways to jump over these hurdles and make even the gloomiest of days seems sunny. 🙂

One thing I am finding that is a constant annoyance for me and my littles is itchy, dry skin and stuffy noses. These can make the most mild-mannered child (or mama. Or daddy.) turn into Bruce Banner. Calm, cool, and collected one minute, a green, raging, hulking beast the next.
But again, thank goodness, there are ways to tame the beast. 🙂

For those yucky, pesky stuffy noses, I have found so many simple things to help.
Number 1, a cool-mist humidifier. Not just for times with a cold. Most of time, winter stuffy noses are not caused by the cold air outside, but the warm, dry air inside. A humidifier will add the moisture back into the air that your heating system is sucking out.
Number 2, a NoseFrida. Yup. A snot sucker. 🙂 I have used it with all three of my kids and IT WORKS! It works much better then a bulb and much easier to clean. Even though it can be cleaned, I personally recommend each child having their own. Something about using the same one on multiple kids grosses me out. (Oh, be sure to get a pack of replacement filters and always keep them on hand. The filters are a one-time use.)
Number 3, LuSa Organics Chest Rub. This is a wonderful, gentle, 100% all-natural alternative to Vicks. Or, if you are concerned about using eucalyptus essential oil on a young one, I have made my own with fir needle and lavender essential oils mixed in coconut oil. (A drop each to a tablespoon of coconut oil. Essential oils are strong!)

To help with the dry, itchy skin, I rely on 3 things. Coconut oil, shea butter, and lavender essential oil. I like making my own winter balm using equal parts coconut oil and shea butter, with a few drops (6 max per tablespoon of carrier oil) lavender essential oil. I simply melt the coconut oil and shea butter together in a double boiler (well, a glass bowl over a pot of simmering water. :P). Once melted, I pour the mixture into a glass jar, and then add the lavender eo. Very simple and very easy.
But, if you are not the DIY type, CJ’s Shea Butter Balm works just as well. 🙂

These are some of my favorite things for winter. 🙂 What are yours? Comment and let us know!

Stay warm!

Featured Natural Product: Little Green Pouch

At Sweetbottoms, we *love* products that make our lives easier, save money, and are thoughtful towards the environment.  But what could make a product even better?  Being invented by a MOM, of course!!

Little Green Pouch is a Mom- invented, reusable food pouch for babies, toddlers, kids, and grownups. Your kids will love them, and our eco-friendly, refillable 7-ounce pouches save you money and reduce waste. Durable, dishwasher and freezer safe, plus free of BPA, phthalates, lead and PVC.

Little Green Pouch

Fill and refill these food pouches with applesauce, yogurt, homemade baby food, and healthy Real Food purees.

These fill-from-the-top squeeze pouches seal securely by means of a handy press zipper. They also stand up on their own once half full, so you don’t have to play a balancing game while filling them or storing them in the fridge/freezer.

Little Green Pouch Easy Fill

Great for baby food, toddler snacks, or in lunchboxes for bigger kids, our feeding pouches are perfect for little hands and, well, just plain cute!

  • 50+ uses per food pouch—eco-friendly, saves money
  • 7-ounce capacity—larger size, with fill lines on back for smaller meals
  • Safe materials—made of durable BPA-free, lead-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free plastic
  • Opens at the top—easier to fill; free-standing when full
  • Double-strength zip seal—no spills or leaks; easy to close
  • Dishwasher safe—rinse well, then place upside down in top rack
  • Freezer safe—great for bulk storage and make-ahead meals
  • Flat when empty—when you’re done with snacks, they take up less space in your bag or in storage
  • Did we already say cute?
  • Patent Pending

Who came up with this brilliant product?  Let us tell you about them!

maggie_and_meliss_mediumWith Maggie’s first son, Kelley, trips to the grocery store were definitely on her “dread” list. When she had her second son, Finnegan, aka the Finn-A-Monster, it moved to the top of that list. But then Maggie’s grocery store began stocking those food pouches you’ve probably seen.

On one particular visit, after substantial clamoring, Maggie caved and popped the tops of two pouches. A miracle ensued – she watched in amazement as her boys sat quietly in the cart, working out ounces of healthy fruits and veggies, which they wouldn’t dare eat out of a bowl. Never missing an opportunity, she sped through the remaining grocery store aisles in relative peace. By the time the shriveled pouches moved along the conveyor belt to checkout (yes, she paid for them) Maggie realized that she had all of the items on her shopping list, and when was the last time she had done that? Someone’s new product had just made her life easier, and she was in love.


Kelley_Finn_dk_091412-350_square_mediumBut Maggie’s romance with food pouches was short lived. Yes, she loved the fact that her kids could feed themselves, that they would actually be clean after doing so and that she didn’t have to lug around spoons, bibs, bowls, napkins and breakable jars. But she found that the pouches were expensive and offered a limited variety of foods. And she cringed each time she had to throw the single-use packages in the trash. That is when she realized the world needed a “reusable” food pouch that could be filled with the foods her kids like (or she wants them to like), which would help her save money, as well as the planet. Not a bad idea, right?


Bailey_Spoon_dk_091412-177_square_mediumBut an idea is just an idea until you make it happen, so Maggie reached out to her close friend (designer and recent new mom of baby Bailey) Melissa to help. Maggie and Melissa realized that they wanted a product that wasn’t just practical, but that was also, well, beautiful. Something they’d be proud to whip out at the playground, park or store. Even something they’d eat out of themselves. After several planning sessions, Maggie and Melissa realized that they had the perfect team to make this a reality. And the Little Green Pouch was born.

The Little Green Pouch has made Maggie and Melissa’s lives easier, and they think it can do the same for you. Perhaps it will even allow you to buy all of the fruits and veggies on your list during your next shopping trip. (And puree them of course.)


During the month of April (while supplies last), you can get a FREE Featured Natural Product – Little Green Pouch with your purchase of $35 or more!  If you’re local, simply ask at checkout!  This free product will be available until they have all been given away.  Supplies are limited, so shop fast!



How to Handle Unwanted Advice

By Elizabeth Pantley, Author of the No-Cry Solution book series.


“Help! I’m getting so frustrated with the endless stream of advice I get from my mother-in-law and brother! No matter what I do, I’m doing it wrong. I love them both, but how do I get them to stop dispensing all this unwanted advice?”

Just as your baby is an important part of your life, he is also important to others. People who care about your baby are bonded to you and your child in a special way that invites their counsel. Knowing this may give you a reason to handle the interference gently, in a way that leaves everyone’s feelings intact.

Regardless of the advice, it is your baby, and in the end, you will raise your child the way that you think best. So it’s rarely worth creating a war over a well-meaning person’s comments. You can respond to unwanted advice in a variety of ways:

Listen first

It’s natural to be defensive if you feel that someone is judging you; but chances are you are not being criticized; rather, the other person is sharing what they feel to be valuable insight. Try to listen – you may just learn something valuable.


If you know that there is no convincing the other person to change her mind, simply smile, nod, and make a non-committal response, such as, “Interesting!” Then go about your own business…your way.


You might find one part of the advice that you agree with. If you can, provide wholehearted agreement on that topic.

Pick your battles

If your mother-in-law insists that Baby wear a hat on your walk to the park, go ahead and pop one on his head. This won’t have any long-term effects except that of placating her. However, don’t capitulate on issues that are important to you or the health or well-being of your child.

Steer clear of the topic

If your brother is pressuring you to let your baby cry to sleep, but you would never do that, then don’t complain to him about your baby getting you up five times the night before. If he brings up the topic, then distraction is definitely in order, such as, “Would you like a cup of coffee?”

Educate yourself

Knowledge is power; protect yourself and your sanity by reading up on your parenting choices. Rely on the confidence that you are doing your best for your baby.

Educate the other person

If your “teacher” is imparting information that you know to be outdated or wrong, share what you’ve learned on the topic. You may be able to open the other person’s mind. Refer to a study, book, or report that you have read.

Quote a doctor

Many people accept a point of view if a professional has validated it. If your own pediatrician agrees with your position, say, “My doctor said to wait until she’s at least six months before starting solids.” If your own doctor doesn’t back your view on that issue, then refer to another doctor – perhaps the author of a baby care book.

Be vague

You can avoid confrontation with an elusive response. For example, if your sister asks if you’ve started potty training yet (but you are many months away from even starting the process), you can answer with, “We’re moving in that direction.”

Ask for advice!

Your friendly counselor is possibly an expert on a few issues that you can agree on. Search out these points and invite guidance. She’ll be happy that she is helping you, and you’ll be happy you have a way to avoid a showdown about topics that you don’t agree on.

Memorize a standard response

Here’s a comment that can be said in response to almost any piece of advice: “This may not be the right way for you, but it’s the right way for me.”

Be honest

Try being honest about your feelings. Pick a time free of distractions and choose your words carefully, such as, “I know how much you love Harry, and I’m glad you spend so much time with him. I know you think you’re helping me when you give me advice about this, but I’m comfortable with my own approach, and I’d really appreciate if you’d understand that.”

Find a mediator

If the situation is putting a strain on your relationship with the advice-giver, you may want to ask another person to step in for you.

Search out like-minded friends

Join a support group or on-line club with people who share your parenting philosophies. Talking with others who are raising their babies in a way that is similar to your own can give you the strength to face people who don’t understand your viewpoints.



Reprinted by permission of Elizabeth Pantley, author of the “No-Cry Solution” book series. (McGraw-Hill)  

Celebrate Valentines with Colors of Love

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