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Ciao, Bella!

Ah to be young again…

Today we have a fun Guest Post by Ashley. She’s a college freshman at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy! Can you imagine going away to college in Italy? Okay, now can you imagine your kids going away to college in Italy? Hmm, I’ll worry about that later…

 Ashley is very near and dear to the Sweetbottoms family. Her mom is the lovely, Tanya, who does a lot of our Customer Relations, Facebooking, Human Resources, Leap Froggin Woolies knitting, and so much more. And when Ashley was still a student here at Sanderson High School, she used to work part time in our shop doing odds and ends like cleaning and wrapping. We miss her smiling face and are excited to see where life takes her next!

Here’s a look into how she’s adjusted to the culture and slower pace of life that Italians are known for. It’s a good reminder for us all to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment we are in.

Passion Throughout the Course of a Day

“Don’t worry, they’re not arguing; he’s just buying fruit.”

The passion that runs deep in Italian culture is not one fabricated by the American film industry. Italians are truly passionate about life. This intensity of emotion can be observed in the way they eat, the way they speak, the way they argue, and the way they love.


Rome in particular is a wonderful place to see this youthful culture, and for me Rome is a wonderful city in which I have learned to find passion in life. I have adapted to the art of speaking with my hands in a crowded Piazza. As well as taking very hard steps towards realizing that a part of living life to its fullest is enjoying every moment of it. In Italy, the stores do not open until the later part of the morning. In addition, nearly EVERY story closes between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm for an afternoon siesta. Workers here get breaks to rest or have a midday espresso with buddies: Working your hardest is not the same as working too hard, an important lesson not found in the “work, work, work” society of America. So, now I savor every bite of food I take along with every minute I devote to my studies. The Romans remind me that my mundane walk to class has as much joy to offer as the class itself.


Finally, just as in any bustling city, a lot can be learned about Rome by its nightlife. In Rome’s case, you see how deeply affection is embedded into the city itself. Everyone is “out and about” until the early hours of the morning. Families in Rome don’t start dinner until 9:00 at night, and children can be seen hopping through the streets as late as midnight! Also, just by walking down the street it’s impossible to dodge the whistles and catcalls; every Italian woman is accustomed to being showered with roses, candies, a nice “ciao, bella!” and a flattering “che bellisima!” Among all of this commotion, the spirit of the eternal city springs forth. A golden glow from the streetlights and a quiet murmur from the city traffic accompanies me from one monument to the next. In this manner, my passion from within emerged and flowed into every aspect of my life.



Have you ever been to Rome? I went for a long weekend when I was a Study Abroad student in Spain. We had so much fun… and I remember those catcalls!

New Year, New Space

The New Sweetbottoms!

In case you haven’t heard, Sweetbottoms is moving! Don’t worry, we will just be two doors down on the other side of Barry’s in the former USA Baby location. Today I’m so excited to share a few ‘Before’ photos of the space. We have a lot of work to do before the new location opens in February. What an exciting way to kick off the New Year!


One of the things we are most excited about is the extra space for classes, groups, and events. There’s already a little platform in the back to use as a stage.


Like I said, there’s a lot of work to be done before we can open!

Bumpy ground



Needs a bit of TLC

Right now, we are in the process of laying out the store and deciding where everything will go. There will be much more space for retail so that we can continue to expand the variety of products we carry.

Future home of detergents

I’ll be posting sneak peaks on our progress and we will let you know when the new space will open. Thank you for supporting our growing store and all the moms who work here!

Allow me to introduce myself…

Greetings! I’m Sarah and I’m so happy to introduce myself as the new blogger for Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique. I’ll be posting about life with kids, fun activities, mommyhood, places to go, and, of course, about the great products we have at SBB. (I’m an expert, you see, I’ve own one of just about everything we carry!)

A little bit about myself

I love living in the gorgeous, tree-filled North Carolina Piedmont. I grew up along the Gulf Coast, so all these tall pines and the actual four seasons still amaze me each year. I live with my hubby and our 20-month-old son. I’ll be honest: he’s a busy little guy. On the cusp of 2 years old, he’s communicating his needs and wants, learning with such enthusiasm about the great big world, and running/climbing/jumping like a track star.

 In my former (pre-mommy) life, I’ve had an evolving set of interests that still influence me today. I have a degree in journalism and was an exchange student in Pamplona, Spain while in college. After I got back, I worked and taught in elementary schools for 5 years before leaving to attend graduate school full-time. Since my son was born, I’ve been mostly a Stay-at-Home Mom, though I have worked part-time and babysat for a talkative little preschooler to have a little extra income and mostly to stay busy.

I generally have a pretty laid-back approach to parenting. Maybe because I’ve worked with kids in so many different age groups and skill levels, I have this perspective. My philosophy is that our children deserve the best we can give them and what they need changes so quickly and naturally all we have to do is follow their lead. That, and love them like crazy!

 I’m so excited to share little tidbits from life with you all. I hope to do some fun customer features soon. I’d like to get everyone excited and involved. Please follow along and drop us a comment below!

Get to Know Us: The Story of Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique

New mom Beth Richardson found herself interested in cloth diapering but lacking the necessary support.  She wanted a local store where she could touch the products and get support from experienced cloth diapering moms interested in natural parenting.  She wanted community.

With a little experience under her belt she began hosting free cloth diapering seminars and Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique was born.  Beth, now a mother of two, launched her online store in January 2010. By that fall, business had grown and she was working out of her home with one employee.  By Spring 2011 business was booming, inventory was growing and her employee base was expanding.  In September 2011 Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique opened their Raleigh/Cary, NC store.

Beth juggles life with a thriving business and growing family by working from home while caring for her children and homeschooling.  The community that Beth once dreamed of is flourishing as public interest in natural parenting increases each day.  The Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique community now offers a wide selection of products for natural parenting and natural living as well as classes, lactation consulting, natural childbirth networking and social events.

We are thrilled to have YOU as part of our Sweetbottoms community. Thank you for your support!

Family photo by Fresh Poppy Photography