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I’m sure there are more stressful things in life, but packing up and moving to a new state has been a HUGE event in our lives this year. At first, it really doesn’t seem all that difficult. I’ve moved to several states and even stayed in a different country for a semester. I felt like I […]

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10 on 10 October: First Fall

by Sarah on 11 October, 2014

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I feel like I just posted about arriving at our new home here in Maryland, but it’s already October and a month has flown by! Things are not 100% settled in but I did officially unpack my last box last night, so we are in the home stretch of the move. (More on that next […]


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We’ve (finally!) arrived at our new home in Maryland, just outside Baltimore. Relocating has been quite a stressful adventure, but it’s starting to feel like the hardest parts are behind us and we’re on our way to making a lovely home here. My husband has actually been here for about a month. He came up […]

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10 on 10 August: Traveling Texas

by Sarah on 16 August, 2014

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My 10 on 10 August  is a traveling one. We were driving from my husband’s brother’s home in Austin, TX to my mom and dad’s in Houston. We’ve been traveling since July and it’s been a whirlwind of family, fun and a few meltdowns along the way. I was planning to post more frequently, but things […]


Goodbye, Durham

by Sarah on 11 July, 2014

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We’re moving. It’s something that I have anticipated for such a long time that now that it’s finally happening, it’s completely surreal. My husband has been a graduate student in Chapel Hill for the past several years and we’ve always hoped that we could stay in this area, but known that we would most likely move […]


DIY Calendar {for Kids}

by Sarah on 7 July, 2014

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Using a daily calendar with your child opens so many educational possibilities. It’s such a simple and natural way to introduce concepts like yesterday/today/tomorrow, days of the week, months of the year, and numbers. I’ll get into more ideas about using a calendar, but first I want to share how I made my own DIY […]


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We are nearing the end of our “Cloth Diapering With” series in today’s post about Pocket Diapers. In this post we’ll cover all the basics of pocket diapers and a few pro tips. Pockets just so happen to be my favorite kind of diaper for my baby and I’ll tell you why!     Pocket Diapers […]


Kidzu Museum in Chapel Hill

by Sarah on 23 June, 2014

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A couple of months ago, we discovered Kidzu Children’s Museum in Chapel Hill and are so happy that we’ve gotten to spend many of these hot afternoons playing inside this innovative space! Since we live on the south side of Durham it’s a quick drive over to Chapel Hill’s University Mall. The location is convenient. […]


AI2 Cloth Diapers

by Sarah on 15 June, 2014

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As we continue the “Cloth Diapering With…” series, we are venturing into more modern, new-fangled diaper styles. We started with the basics: prefolds, flats or fitteds with a cover. Today’s post is about the style known as All-in-Twos or ‘AI2’ for short. What’s an AI2? I remember when I first read this AI2 abbreviation on […]


Ten on Ten June

by Sarah on 10 June, 2014

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Here’s my installment for Ten on Ten June (Read more about the project by Rebekah Gough on her blog.) Summer is really and truly here, but the only real difference it’s making for me is that it’s hot and crowded! My kids don’t go to school, so I don’t really have that “summer break” vibe going […]