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We’re excited to announce that the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle (2014 edition) will be available very soon, and we have an awesome deal for everyone who chooses to participate! You will also receive one of our most popular products as a bonus offer! The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is a fabulous, hand-picked collection of eBooks […]


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One of my favorite things to do in the summer is go on a beach vacation. This year we rented a house near the Beach and spent a whole week. The weather was not too cooperative for the first part of the visit but the last 4 days it was beautiful. I didn’t bring my […]


10 on 10 August: Traveling Texas

by Sarah on 16 August, 2014

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My 10 on 10 August  is a traveling one. We were driving from my husband’s brother’s home in Austin, TX to my mom and dad’s in Houston. We’ve been traveling since July and it’s been a whirlwind of family, fun and a few meltdowns along the way. I was planning to post more frequently, but things […]


What Is A Doula?

by Samantha on 14 August, 2014

If you are new to the arena of childbirth you may have heard a funny little world being thrown around here and there… doula. What is a doula? I get asked this question on a regular basis. It is new and strange word to many, but it comes from ancient Greek and means “woman who […]


Tula Baby Carriers

by Sarah B. on 11 August, 2014

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I thought I had it all figured out. My first born was sleeping through the night, I was making him healthy meals (which he enjoys!), I had just converted to cloth diapers, and I was starting to have time to clean the house again. Then I had another baby. Holding an infant while chasing a […]


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Applying diaper cream during a diaper change can create a gooey mess, which is especially frustrating during quick changes on the go. GroVia’s Magic Stick Diaper Balm has become a must in our diaper bag for this very reason. I’m excited to announce that we’ll be giving away the smaller version of GroVia’s Magic Stick […]


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Silent Sunday: July 27, 2014 Silent Sunday is a photography series I created on my personal blog to capture the small, ordinary moments of a Sunday. The intention of the series was to instill a growing appreciation and gratitude for these moments and all the ones like them to follow…           […]


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I’m a blogger, an Internet salesperson, and an on-call doula… as far as lifestyles go mine is fairly reliant on technology. If I’m at home I am writing posts, updating my social media accounts to drive traffic, checking out other blogs, and doing research for future posts. If I’m out an about I am checking […]


When you enter the world of Essential Oils it is quite exciting because you start to see how you can use them to relieve so many common ailments.  During one class I was teaching basic essential oil use, we talked about how you can use the oils to relieve sinus congestion, tummy aches and sore […]


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Getting together with other nursing moms and making lactation cookies? Yes Please! Three of us got together one Sunday afternoon to have a Lactation Cookie Party. It was a great idea. We all had little nurslings (5 months or less) who were in attendance as well. This was a great way to talk about breastfeeding and mommy hood […]